INNOVATIVE MARINE SafeScreen™ Preassembled Aquarium Mesh Screen Lid – For Nuvo Fusion 15 Cube


Preassembled SafeScreen™ Aquarium Mesh Screen Lid – 15 Nuvo Fusion AIO Cube Aquarium

We’ve Got You Covered – Made to fit the 15 Nuvo Fusion AIO Cube Aquarium (Model: 0215-P)

Provide protection for your livestock and encase any aquarium with this mesh screen lid cover.

Glass lids trap in heat, do not allow proper evaporation and build up salt creep that can impeded light penetration. This stylish mesh screen top is the answer to these woes by being lightweight, allow zero heat buildup, and have very little impact on light penetration.

The outside rail edges have been molded with a lip that allows your lid to sit neatly on the inside edge of your aquarium. No need for clips or screen holders.


  • Prevents livestock from leaving your tank
  • Powder coated for extra protection
  • Extra thick lightweight aluminum
  • Molded “lipped” rails allow screen to sit neatly on the inside rim of your aquarium
  • Breakaway corners allows for cord management
  • Thin clear mesh allow for more light penetration
  • Ample protection 1/4” spacing mesh screen
  • Does not require clips
  • Made to fit the Nuvo Fusion 15 Cube AIO Aquarium (Model: 0215-P)
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