Only you know what is best for your aquarium. Creating specific directional flow around sensitive corals, plants and away from sand beds being blown into the water column, you direct the aquarium flow to fit your design.

What is better than custom flow in your aquarium… two custom flow nozzles. Upgrade by doubling your flow paths to create cross currents, swelling circular patterns, or aiming at multiple debris built up areas also known as “dead spots”. The Innovative Marine NUVO dual flow nozzle is designed to customize dual flow lines using flexible pivot joints and wide tipped flare nozzles that extend into hard-to-reach places such as in and behind your rocks to clear away detritus which, if not removed, will naturally breakdown in algae growing nutrients.

Injection molded, made to fit perfectly on our aquariums with a polished finished look compared to 3D printed, adaptor requiring, comparatives.

Upgrading is easy and done within seconds. Simply slide the single flare nozzle out and slip in the dual nozzle. Made to fit securely on all Nuvo Fusion Pro AIO & Concept aquariums without the use of any adapters.

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