Titanium One – Inline TDS Meter – AutoAqua


For anyone serious about producing quality RO/DI water for their reef tanks, AutoAqua now has four great TDS meter options built on a compact, feature-rich, and easy to install platform! BRS recommends using a TDS meter as one of the most useful tools for ensuring your RO or RO/DI system is functioning at its best. A TDS meter can not only provide peace of mind in monitoring your final product water, but it can also clue you into when it’s time to replace filter media. The Titanium One model features a display with the probe built-in, for simple installation on any 1/4″ RO lines to provide quick readings at the spot of installation. This could be great for installing near the water source or final product collection lines where they may be remote from the RO/DI unit itself.

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