Hydros Leak Sensor – Coralvue


The HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor is a solid surface leak detector that can sense when freshwater or saltwater is underneath it and use that information to protect your aquarium, home, or office from total disaster. Just plug the sensor into any Sense Port on a HYDROS Control device, place the leak detector wherever you are concerned about potential leaks, and configure the HYDROS app to perform whatever action you want to happen when a leak is detected. You can connect as many Leak Detection Sensors as you have Sense Ports available on your HYDROS Controller, and depending on where the leak detector is placed, you can program your HYRDOS to flash a specific light color on your HYDROS controller, turn off a pump, shut down your protein skimmer, send you a mobile alert so you can come home or ask a friend to check on the tank. It’s easy to do and you’re in control.

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