Frank’s Tanks F-Aiptasia – 1 oz


Frank’s Tanks F-Aiptasia – 1oz – This proven and effective treatment helps kill aiptasia and prevents it from reproducing. When used properly, it is reef safe and will not harm corals or other inhabitants.

If you’ve ever had aiptasia anemones in your prized aquarium, you’d certainly understand how this product got it’s name! Aiptasia anemones can kill your corals and even small fish. They are capable of stinging and stressing even larger specimens that you desire. So why not just kill them??? F-Aiptasia Killer does that better than the other products on the market. F-Aiptasia Killer sticks to the aiptasia to deliver its death blow to the anemone!

If you have ever used other products, you may have noticed that it often causes the anemones to reproduce and you end up with more of them than you had before! So forget the idea about injecting aiptasia anemonies products that do not work. Use F-Aiptasia to eliminate them once and for all.

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