BRS General Bonding Super Glue – Bulk Reef Supply


The BRS General Bonding Glue has been selected to provide the perfect consistency for aquascaping projects where a thinner glue is needed to get into small gaps between rocks and bond them together. BRS General Bonding Glue is reef safe and ideal for aquascaping with dry live rock. Lower viscosity super glues work better in these cases because they will quickly move to fill in tight gaps between bonding surfaces better than thicker superglues and will provide a fast and secure bond with lower cure times. This allows them to work well for placement between smaller rock pieces when creating a larger structure. This glue can also be used in conjunction with a small amount of mortar or epoxy where there is a need to fill a slightly larger gap between rocks. Thinner glues like this work well for close surface to surface bonds and can also work well for attaching some coral types such as zoanthid mats.

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