Choosing the Best Lighting Option for Your Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Choosing the right freshwater aquarium lighting for your tank can be overwhelming even for the most experienced aquarists. With so many choices available and endless opinions on the matter, deciding which system is best for you can feel daunting.

A lighting system is an essential part of creating a healthy and vibrant environment for your fish and plants to thrive and accentuating the colors in your tank for your enjoyment. Choosing the proper lighting depends on the species of fish and varieties of plants you want to have in your aquarium. So, deciding on the final look and feel that you are aiming for as the end goal is the first step to choosing the aquarium lighting that’s right for you.

AI Hydra 64HD

Fish need day and night cycles just like we do in order to sleep and remain healthy. Some fish thrive on bright light during the daylight hours with opportunities to retreat into crevices or under rock ledges for shade. Others thrive in the murkier waters of a lake or pond. Knowing the natural environment of your fish is key to choosing the correct lighting. LED lights that emit minimal heat and can be set to simulate natural light cycles are an ideal option for most aquariums.

An LED lighting system that we recommend:

Hydra 32 HD / Hydra 64 HD LED Freshwater Light Aqua Illumination

With a new and improved design and exceptional performance and value, the US-made Hydras 32 and 64 HD LED Freshwater Light Aqua Illumination are excellent choices. They are water resistant, which protects against accidental splashes and a moist tank environment. The unique design of the Hydra 32 HD / Hydra 64 HD creates the perfect balance of power and spread for your tank lighting.

There is an added Moonlight LED feature on a dedicated channel. This gentle light produces a shimmering effect in the tank water, creating the perfect aesthetic appeal of an actual lunar spectrum. Additionally, controlling the lights with the user-friendly myAI® app is simple and easy to manage using your smart device. This app allows easy access to “quick keys” for turning your lights on and off and setting lighting modes to your preference.

When choosing which lighting system is best for your aquarium we recommend you decide on the ultimate look and feel that you want for your tank. Then, research the natural environments and lighting conditions of the fish you want, and choose your fish accordingly. Most importantly, however, is to choose a user-friendly system with a timer that you can set to replicate natural light-dark cycles.